Summary: Introducing Messenger As an Ad Destination.

Messenger is an amazing tool for brands to communicate with their customers. There is no doubt Email open rates have been on a steady decline the past few years.  All while FB Messenger users are on the rise. The benefits using this new tool is you can broadcast specific messages to a specific segment within your Messenger audience by demographics already build in (tags, gender, location and other customized fields).

So, if you’re a social media marketing manager and you help brands grow and engage their audience online, now you have another weapon in your arsenal. Messenger is an amazing tool for brands to communicate with their customers with a personal approach.
~ Tridence


Make it Easy to get in Touch With Your Business

Messenger gives your business a fast and convenient way for people to get in touch to schedule appointments, ask questions about your products and services and more. And it allows you to build personal connections with your customers. Now, you can create a Facebook News Feed ad that opens a Messenger conversation between your business and your prospective customer.

Create an Ad

How it Works

When a person clicks or taps on your ad in News Feed, a conversation with your business will immediately open in the Messenger app (if the person is on a mobile device) or on the web (if the person is on a desktop computer). People can return to this message conversation at any time on any device with Messenger installed to continue the conversation.

Promote Your New Offerings

Use your ad to promote new or seasonal offerings and engage your customers in a personal real-time conversation.
  • Tip: Use a greeting message, that people will see when the Messenger conversation opens, to start a conversation with your customers and let them know when to expect a response from you.

Offer a Discount

Use News Feed ads that open a Messenger conversation as a unique way to provide a coupon code and a personalized experience for your customers.
  • Tip: Save time by using saved replies for the common questions you answer such as store hours or location. Saved replies are templates of messages you can create and save and then reuse when responding to your Page’s messages.

Get Started

    1. Go to ads creation in Ads Manager or Power Editor
    2. Choose Traffic or Conversions objective (Note: Traffic may appear as Send people to your website for some advertisers)
    3. Choose your campaign name and click Continue
    4. Choose your audience, budget, and placement.
Note: You cannot use Instagram as a placement option when selecting Messenger as a destination
  1. At the ad level, choose your format. You can choose Carousel, Single Image, Single Video or Slideshowformat
  2. Choose the Page you want to connect
  3. Choose Messenger as your destination
  4. Choose a welcome message. When people click on your ad, they will automatically be directed to Messenger and receive a copy of your ad and the welcome message.
  5. After you’ve reviewed your ad, click Place Order

Keep in mind: Your ad to open conversations in Messenger won’t appear to people on mobile who don’t have the Messenger app. ~ Tridence

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Content Marketing Myths That Businesses Need To Stop Believing


There is a lot of information out there that can help businesses to set realistic expectations for themselves when they first start content marketing. Unfortunately,  most businesses don’t take the time to truly learn about what they can expect when they first start publishing content, how long it can potentially take to see positive results, and how much time they can expect to put into the creation of that content.

If you’re one of those company’s that are venturing into content marketing for the quick payoff, then I’d recommend spending your time on another marketing medium. Tactics like PPC and email marketing are much better at driving immediate results than content marketing. But when done correctly, content marketing can be a game changer. So, if you are going to venture into the content marketing arena, make sure you don’t buy into these common expectations.

Creating Top Tier Content is Easy

I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, but coming into content marketing with no experience and setting the expectation of creating “amazing” content is a bit of a stretch. That’s not to say that your business shouldn’t strive to create strong content, as that is what will ultimately drive your returns. However, you must know that creating great content is a process.

It starts with finding great writers, graphic designers, and video producers. As with any working relationship, figuring out what works for your company could take some time. You may find that the people that you chose to work with were not a good fit for one reason or another, and have to go back to the drawing board in some regard.
Instead of focusing on creating a new “top tier” blog post every single day, most companies would be better off taking their time in the creation process and spending a lot more time promoting their content. Too many businesses get into content marketing and get bogged down in the creation process.

It starts with finding great writers, graphic designers, and video producers. As with any working relationship, figuring out what works for your company could take some time. You may find that the people that you chose to work with were not a good fit for one reason or another, and have to go back to the drawing board in some regard.
Instead of focusing on creating a new “top tier” blog post every single day, most companies would be better off taking their time in the creation process and spending a lot more time promoting their content. Too many businesses get into content marketing and get bogged down in the creation process.

More Content, More Reach

Many companies still have older SEO practices ingrained into their minds and figure that the more content that they are able to produce, the larger their reach will be. While this is true in some cases, sacrificing quality for quantity is actually going to hinder your content marketing efforts.

Don’t push out content on a daily basis just for the sake of doing it. One blog post that reaches 100,000 people is always going to be more valuable than 100 blog posts that reach 1,000 people each.

The best advice that I can give to businesses that are new to content marketing is to slow down and plan. Often, a blog post can be improved upon if you spend a little extra time researching the audience and the way they are searching for information. This could lead you to tweak a headline or add some content, which in the end could end up providing you with thousands of more eyeballs discovering you via the search engines.
Finding Great Writers is Easy and Inexpensive

A lot of businesses have unrealistic expectations regarding what they need to spend to produce great content. They find content mills, low-cost freelancers, and content production companies and automatically assume that they represent the price range for all content. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.
If you want someone to invest their time into producing professional level content for your content marketing campaigns, you need to pay them accordingly. Lots of businesses will find a low-cost writer who is able to produce some impressive pieces initially, but find that their quality quickly drops off.

When you don’t pay people professional rates, it’s hard to keep their attention. They don’t feel the loyalty from you and in return, they won’t be willing to give it back. When you pay low rates, you’ll cycle through writers who don’t know how to market themselves well enough to command higher rates and in turn are jumping from one job to the next, trying to climb the rating ladder.

With content production, like many other aspects of business and marketing, you really do get out of it what you put into it. Thus, if you’re looking for a bargain, you’re probably going to get bargain basement content in return.

It’s Best to Keep Content On Your Own Website

It does make sense to post content on your own website. You want to give people a reason to visit. However, some of the most successful blog posts that I’ve ever written were guest posts and content posted on other sources. You’ll find that splitting your content among sources will almost always have a much larger impact and simply be dumping every article onto your blog and waiting for the visits to start rolling in.
There will always be bigger brands than your own out there.

There is nothing wrong with, and in fact, you should try to have your content featured on those larger brands. It exposes you to a new audience, attracts clients, and helps you to secure new opportunities.

Content Marketing Drives Revenue Quickly

Content marketing is a long game. You certainly won’t see the type of results that you hope to achieve overnight. When working with companies that are just getting started with content marketing, I often suggest that they spend just as much time promoting new content as they do create it.

There are multiple reasons for this. To start, it helps businesses to drive those initial surges of traffic and get an idea of the type of results that content marketing is capable of producing. Additionally, it sets the right expectations from the get-go. You can post the greatest content in the world, but if you are not out there actively promoting it, you’ll have a hard time getting anyone to take notice and only shoot yourself in the foot.

The Longer the Content, the Better the Results

In recent years, it has become a trend to focus on producing extremely long pieces of content in favor of shorter, more devourable articles. There is a good reason for this too – long articles are generally more informative, cover a subject more completely, and give readers a resource that they can keep coming back to. Plus there is mounting evidence that Google and other search engines are giving more love to longer form content.

However, it is important to know that not all subjects actually require 10,000 words and a handful of infographics to cover appropriately. Many of the longer articles that I see being published would be more effective if they were broken down into chunks and published separately. Then, you can tie those posts together in a summary post.

Content marketing is probably the best long-term decision that any business with an online presence can make, but the benefits do not come easy. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding the time and effort required to produce returns and keep people coming back to your content every time that you hit that publish button.

Author: Mike TemplemanCONTRIBUTOR Forbes
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Periscope launching ‘Super Hearts’ as a way to tip broadcasters.

Periscope is rolling out a new update to the live broadcasting app that lets you tip broadcasters as a way to support their work.

The new tipping feature is included in with new ‘Super Hearts’, which viewers can purchase then send to broadcasters during a live stream. In return, broadcasters can cash out Super Hearts monthly as a new revenue stream.


By using Super Hearts, Periscope is blending what is essentially paying broadcasters voluntarily with an element of the app that already exists: likes as hearts. During a live broadcast, tapping the screen already sends hearts to show broadcasters that you like what you see.

The new Super Hearts feature will be a separate mode that viewers can use during a broadcast with different Super Hearts equalling a different value. A new leaderboard will also show broadcasters which viewers sent the most during a livestream.

Here’s Periscope on how to use the new Super Hearts feature:

  1. Enter a live broadcast in which the broadcaster accepts Super Hearts.
  2. Tap on the Super Hearts icon next to the chat field.
  3. If you haven’t purchased coins, tap Get Coins.
  4. Once you’ve purchased a coin package, tap Back to Hearts to select which type of Super Heart you’d like to give. Please note that your coin value (shown next to your profile photo) must match or exceed the coin value of the Super Heart you choose.
  5. Tap Done (iOS) or down caret (Android) to go back to the broadcast.
  6. Tap the screen to give Super Hearts.

The new Super Hearts program is only available in the US to start, but Periscope says it will gradually expand around the world soon. Super Hearts are available on both iOS and Android.

Tridence Facebook Page

Author: Zac Hall

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What Is the New Archive Feature in Google Photos?

If you’re a Google Photos user, you’ve may have seen a new feature called “Archive” show up in the app’s sidebar. if not, don’t stress—it’s just now rolling out and not everyone has it yet. Since it’s new, here’s a quick look at what it is, why you want it, and how to use it.

In short, this is a way to keep your Photos more organized—it’s really not that different than archiving emails in Gmail. You can archive photos that you don’t want in your main stream, but still keep them stored online. They’ll still show up in search, as well as in any albums you may have them in. It’s simply a way to keep things clean and clutter-free in Google Photos.

Using it is just as simple. This should work the same way on both Android and iOS.

Go ahead and fire up Photos. To make sure you have the feature, pull open the left side menu, and look for “Archive.” You can tap it if you’d like, but there won’t be anything there since you likely haven’t archived anything yet.

To start archiving photos you’d like to keep out of your stream, go ahead and long-press one, then select any others you’d like to add. Tap the three dots in the top right corner, then choose “Archive.”

Just like that, they’ll disappear from the main Photos view and be moved to the Archive section. Super simple.

Once you’ve archived the first few photos, a new option should also appear under the Assistant tab that allows you to “Clear the Clutter.” This may not show up immediately, but you should receive a notification when it’s ready.

Basically, this is a sort of “smart” archive feature that will pick things you may not want to keep in the main view—screenshots, receipts, etc. Tap “Review Suggestions” to take a closer look.

Everything is pre-selected and ready to be archived as soon as you open this view, but feel free to scroll through and make sure you’re cool with all this stuff being hidden. After you review everything, just give the “Archive” button in the top right a tap.

Poof! Just like that, a bunch of clutter is gone.

If you ever archive a photo and realize that you want it back in your main feed, go ahead and jump into the Archive screen, long press the photo, tap the three dots in the top right, and choose “Unarchive.” It’s almost like that makes sense.

Author: By Cameron Summerson on June 13th, 2017


Facebook Page: Tridence

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Facebook to Launch Its Office Communication Tool ‘Facebook at Work’

The software, called Facebook at Work, will allow employees to send professional messages and share documents during work hours. AKA the Slacker competitor. Will be rolling out today! fbatworkFacebook at Work isn’t a real-time collaboration tool like Google Docs and Spreadsheets–you won’t be able to work on documents simultaneously. However, employees will be able to share documents and post messages securely among their company network.

Employees with companies using Facebook at Work will find that their work account is only visible to others within the organization. However, they will still be able to access public content on regular Facebook.

Users will also be able to connect their work and personal accounts, enabling them to switch back and forth between the two. Employers will not have access to employee usernames or passwords.

Will a familiar interface entice employees to get more active in workplace social networks? We will find out soon. Read More.

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87% of people turn to SEARCH first to get things done.

New Consumer Behavior Data: 87% of people turn to SEARCH first to get things done. Mobile is key.
Result: As marketers we have to connect the information we provide across screens, channels, and formats. And search, particularly on mobile, is where to start. By anticipating people’s needs, you can ensure you’re meeting people in their micro-moments with relevant and useful information. Contact Tridence to review your online Branding Needs and review our BOL special before time is up.


Read More: mobile-search-consumer-behavior-data

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Understanding the difference between Sales and Marketing


It’s easy to confuse marketing and sales together. Both, after all, follow a single overarching goal: to increase your brand or business. Especially in small businesses, one person may be responsible for both sides of achieving that goal.

However, their similarities do not make the two concepts identical. In fact, they are different in a variety of ways. Understanding the difference between sales and marketing can help businesses improve their operations, and work with experts in each area to maximize their success.

The Basic Concept of Marketing

Marketing, at its core, is deceptively simple: it aims to raise awareness of your brand or business to a potential target audience. Done strategically, that awareness can help you grow your business, through a streamlined process. That process is best explained with a simple digital marketing example.

Imagine your site. Building that website, in other words, is a marketing responsibility.

In addition, marketing efforts also have to include driving traffic to that website effectively. Through search engine optimization, social media, and other digital channels, you can build a digital marketing strategy that accomplish that fact.

What happens next, however, is the most common source of confusion for many small businesses. This is where marketing and sales intersect.

How Marketing Ties into Sales

When visitors go to your website, some of them will be ready to immediately make a purchase. In that case, no sales efforts will be necessary. But in most cases, they are interested enough in your brand to learn more, but not quite interested enough to immediately convert into a customer.

An effective website captures these visitors for more targeted sales efforts. Through sign up forms, newsletter subscriptions, and other tactics, it gathers the contact information of interested members of your target audience, turning them into leads. Once they enter your database, more specific sales efforts are possible.

Marketing, in other words, supports your sales efforts. It adds leads to your database, which can be nurtured or ready for the sales call. One leads to another, but both are far from identical.

Understanding the Difference Between Sales and Marketing

The above paragraph lays bare the core difference between marketing and sales. The former is responsible for everything that leads up to the point when a member of your target audience becomes a lead. Once they take that action, sales takes over.

To accomplish its goal of lead generation, effective marketing focuses on educating its audience and establishing your brand as a thought leader and credible source in its industry. Sales, on the other hand, are focused on a more direct selling pitch of the benefits of your product or service for your target audience.

Both of course, have to be integrated to be successful. If your marketing tactics promise one thing and your sales team pitches another, your leads will experience cognitive dissonance and become less likely to follow through with a purchase. Only an integrated and consistent message can encourage your leads to eventually follow through and become customers.

Finding the Expert Help You Need

In its simplest form, marketing aims to generate leads, while sales aims to convert these leads into customers. Understanding what your business needs to accomplish increases your chances of finding external help to achieve your goals.

That, in turn, requires an analysis of your current sales efforts. If you are looking for more potential sales prospects to increase your business, we’d love to have a word. Contact us today to learn how our marketing expertise can support (but not replace) your sales success.

Author: Kerin Donahue


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