Optimized for Smartphones and other tablets

61% of cell phone users won’t return to a site that isn’t specially adapted to mobile devices. This figure demonstrates just how important it is that your business be optimized for Smartphones and other tablets. In this report, you’ll find 5 tips for promoting your mobile site purchases.

1) Site must be accessible

To improve your online presence, make sure your site supports all current mobile devices (computers, iPhone, iPad, etc). Your site must integrate operating systems used on these devices: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows.

2) Loads in less than 3 seconds

Almost 50% of cell phone users will wait only 5 seconds before abandoning visiting a site. Remember, mobile consumers are often in a hurry and become frustrated when they can’t complete a task quickly. Verify that your site takes less than 3 seconds to load!

Since it takes longer to load a site on a cell phone, consider reducing your pages. Only keep images necessary for understanding your offer.

3) Simple and user-friendly interface

The specificities of the phone influence cell phone user behavior. The smaller screen-size and navigation system (mostly tactile) unique to cell phones makes navigation difficult. It seems necessary to simplify the user interface as much as possible, limiting the number of pages to facilitate your customer’s search. You must also reduce the number of categories and limit their contents. Use vertical menus, which adapt more easily to Smartphone screens. Your site must only have one column with blocks underneath each other.

4) Contains your entire line of products

Contrary to what one may believe, the device used to buy a product does not affect the purchase amount. Clients want to find all the products they love on the phones, so don’t reduce your offer. Let your clients buy whatever they want from wherever they are!

5) Indicates stores closest to customer

Today, the majority of mobile users use their Smartphones to search for information about products they intend to buy in a physical store. Therefore, you should consider indicating the physical store closest to your client. He or she will certainly be tempted to stop by and look for the product he or she wants to buy.

Growth perspectives for m-commerce are impressive, and the turnover for mobile sales is expected to surpass into the billions by 2015. Don’t wait any longer to enhance your site for cell phone use. Selling by cell requires different business practices than selling by computer, especially in terms of user-friendliness and content. Start applying the 5 tips from this report to your store and you’ll see your sales by cell phones increase.

Author: Paul Petchot


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