FB: Nine Important Facts About Facebook Photo Sync


Tridence – Jacksovnille, Florida

Now that Facebook’s photo sync feature has officially been rolled out for iOS and Android users, what should users of the social network know about it? Sophos’ Naked Security blog offered a primer.

Here are nine things Facebook users should know about photo sync, courtesy of Naked Security:

  1. Photo sync is an opt-in feature: Facebook does not turn it on for mobile users by default. The social network is pushing out messages urging users to “get started.”
  2. Once the feature is enabled, the last 20 photos taken by users will automatically be pushed to private photo albums on their Facebook accounts, along with every picture taken thereafter.
  3. As previously reported, photos in those private albums are not visible by any other Facebook users.
  4. Facebook users can opt to only have photo sync work when they are accessing the social network via Wi-Fi, in order to conserve data on their cellular plans.
  5. Facebook will not run photo sync if battery levels on mobile devices are low.
  6. Reminder: Every photo taken by users will be uploaded to Facebook.
  7. In addition, every photo uploaded to Facebook can be mined for data by the social network, including location metadata and, potentially, facial-recognition technology.
  8. Yet another reminder: Every photo taken by users will be uploaded to Facebook, and users are no longer in control of those photos.
  9. Photo sync can be disabled by following these steps.


Author: David Cohen


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