How to Bulk Invite your Facebook Friends to LIKE your Business Page.

Quick Tip: 

The other day a Facebook friend posted, Anyone knows if there’s a way to invite a lot of my Facebook friends to like my new business page at once? Going one by one takes forever.” Then I started reading all the comments and I was thinking, “These people need help” LOL.

So, I made this quick tutorial video about how to invite friends to like your page, in bulk. Enjoy. Like and Share.


Author: David Vega, Influencer and Social Media Guru
Chicago, IL. & Jacksonville, FL.

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YouTube is launching a new video format called Reels

YouTube is developing a new video feature that allows creators to post 30-second videos called Reels. The feature, which is noticeably similar to Snapchat and Instagram Stories, was previously absent from YouTube. Thus, bringing “Youtuber’s” to be a more Social acceptable environment.

Reels will appear in a brand-new tab on creators’ channels and can be decorated with filters, text, and stickers. Reels won’t expire after 24 hours, and one creator can make multiple topic-specific Reels, unlike Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

The company tells us the idea with Reels is to introduce a new video format on YouTube that lets creators express themselves and engage fans without having to post a full video.

Instead, creators make new Reels by shooting a few quick mobile videos of up to 30 seconds each, then adding filters, music, text and more, including new “YouTube like” stickers.

And unlike Stories on other platforms, YouTube creators can make multiple Reels and they won’t expire. Below is what Reels will look like for creators at launch, but be aware that the format could change ahead of a public release.


The arrival of Reels is one of a handful of changes for YouTube and the YouTube Community, the social platform launched last fall as a new way for video creators to engage with their fan base. A mini social network within YouTube’s larger social network, Community lives on a creator’s channel in its own tab, allowing them to share updates using text, photos, GIFs, polls, and more.

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Snapchat Unveils Redesigned App Aimed at Separating Your Best Friends From Brand Content

Following an op-ed shared on Axios earlier this morning by CEO Evan Spiegel, Snapchat has now unveiled its radical redesign with the goal of creating a personalized user experience that’s easier to navigate, particularly for new users (via TechCrunch). The app’s update will start to roll out to iOS and Android users on Friday, and will be introduced to everyone “within a few weeks.”

The update aggregates both Stories and direct messages into one place, to the left of the main camera section of the app, and an algorithm sorts and prioritizes this section by “who you talk to and view most.” This personalized content is now separate from premium publishers, celebrity Snapchatters, and aggregated Story events in “Discover” to the right of the camera, where Stories were located previously.


Images via TechCrunch

According to Spiegel, this is an attempt to “separate the social from the media” and ensure that it’s simpler to keep up with your real friends and not be inundated with things you might not care about created by brands and influencers.

With the upcoming redesign of Snapchat, we are separating the social from the media, and taking an important step forward towards strengthening our relationships with our friends and our relationships with the media. This will provide a better way for publishers to distribute and monetize their Stories, and a more personal way for friends to communicate and find the content they want to watch.

The Discover area is curated by Snapchat employees but is also affected by an algorithm that will sort content based on your past viewing behavior, which Spiegel stated is inspired by Netflix’s recommendation algorithms. Spiegel said that research has shown “your past behavior is a far better predictor of what you’re interested in than anything your friends are doing,” referencing rival companies like Facebook and Twitter.

All of this borders the camera section of the app, which you’ll still see first when you open Snapchat. Navigation is made simpler thanks to icons that push you to specific sections of the app from this launch menu, including more obvious buttons for My Story, adding friends, Snap Map, and more.

The biggest change comes on the Friends page and its combination of Stories and direct messages. When you come to this area of Snapchat, you’ll first see new Snaps and messages at the top, then Stories from close friends (who you watch and chat with the most), and then last will be other Stories from friends you don’t interact with as much. Auto-advancing is back but with a new quality of life fix that provides a brief title screen that pops up with the name of the next friend in the queue, which you can easily swipe to skip.

Snapchat has been facing intense competition from Instagram and its own Stories feature, which it launched in August 2016. The Facebook-owned company’s version of Stories quickly caught on with users and eventually managed to capture more daily active users than Snapchat in less than a year.


Author: Mitchel Broussard
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LGBT fans warned holding hands at Russia World Cup will be dangerous


LGBT fans will be warned about holding hands in public and other outward displays of affection when in Russia for the World Cup 2018 next summer. A cautionary guide will be produced by Fare (Football Against Racism in Europe) a pressure group that campaigns for equality in football/soccer.

The guide will advise gay people to be cautious in any place which is not seen to be welcoming to the LGBT community,” FARE executive director Piara Powar

FARE has written to FIFA to ask if it would be possible for fans to hold LGBTQ rainbow flags in the stadium. While FIFA doesn’t allow for political flags, nothing in the regulations clearly state something like a rainbow flag would be banned.

Warnings also apply to black and ethnic minority fans, due to long-held concerns about the presence of nationalist groups in the country.

Being gay is not illegal in Russia but the country has a law banning teaching about homosexuality in schools and there are numerous cases where gay people from foreign countries have been attacked because of their sexuality.

A FIFA spokesman said football’s world governing body could not comment “on this planned guide on such short notice” but it “has a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination”.

Note: FIFA will place anti-discrimination observers in stadiums to spot incidents, something which was first tested at the Confederations Cup this year. The draw for Russia 2018 takes place in Moscow on Friday, with the tournament starting on June 14, 2018.


Author: David Vega

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You can now request to join someone’s Instagram live stream


Instagram just rolled out a neat feature for its live product. Users can now request to join a live stream that they’re watching and, if accepted, can start broadcasting live as the host’s guest.

To request to join a live video a viewer can tap a request button in the comments section. Hosts see the request pop up in real time and can accept or deny, and also have access to a list of pending requests in case a bunch of different people are trying to join in.

Instagram had already let anyone streaming live invite a friend to join them, but by adding a request feature the possibilities for collaboration are greatly expanded.

Imagine a celebrity “taking calls” from fans. With the ability to see all pending requests, a host could pick a fan to join them live at random, or even selectively pick someone who just made an insightful comment in the chat.

Of course, there’s the worry that someone says something inappropriate when they join, but that’s not necessarily any riskier than allowing random people to comment on your posts. In an ideal world, Instagram would build in a feature like a 2- or 3-second delay that would let the host boot the guest if they said anything inappropriate, but for now it seems like hosts will just have to selectively screen their guests.

The feature also should be helpful among friends. It shifts the burden for collaboration from host to guest, meaning a lot more people should try to participate, which results in a happier host and better overall content.


Author:  Fitz Tepper
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Instagram Stories adds no-frills photo-only posting from mobile web


Snap Chat Dead? Instagram Stories adds no-frills photo-only posting from the mobile web, as Instagram really wants the developing world to start using Storytelling with Brand Development.

IG Users won’t be able to use Instagram’s augmented reality masks or share videos, but starting today (Nov. 16th, 2017) mobile web users can post to Instagram Stories. Previously, mobile web users could only view Stories, which have to be created in Instagram’s native apps. But now users can snap photos, overlay text captions, and share them with friends from mobile web, as well as Save posts they find in the feed and want to revisit later.

Releasing soon in stages, everyone in the next few weeks will see a camera icon in the top left corner they can tap to shoot or upload a photo of their Story. Captions in different colors can then be laid on top. But videos and the rest of Instagram’s creative tools like doodling, stickers, location tags, polls, and more are still just in the native apps. Instagram says it plans to keep improving the creative tool offering on mobile web but it has nothing more to share right now.

If Instagram can get its Stories institutionalized worldwide before Snapchat gets there, it could lock in a long-standing audience and be the end of the Ghost.

Featured Image: Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch
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Microsoft unveils special Skype version for freelancers and small business

Announcing_the_Skype_Professional_Account_Preview_blog_1Microsoft is creating a unique version of Skype for small business owners and freelancers. This is particularly useful for freelancers that might use Skype to provide tutorials, training, or consulting.

“Skype Professional Account gives you the power to do all that from one app for free during the preview. From French tutors to yoga instructors, you’ll be able to book lessons, accept payments, and give lessons all from one place, seamlessly. Plus, we’ve added an enhanced profile page to help improve your online presence and a dedicated website for your small business right in Skype. Your contacts will be able to see pertinent info about your hours and business offerings.” – Skype Blog

The new Skype version will let small business owners and freelancers book meetings and accept payments all within the same tool, instead of third-party alternatives. It’s not clear if Microsoft intends to run this as a free service once the preview is finished, but testers can sign-up to try it out over at Microsoft’s Skype homepage.

All the features work together. For example, a payment request can be sent along with a booking. You’ll also be able to see all your notes without leaving the app. In addition, you’ll be able to easily port your contacts over to the Skype Professional Account Preview desktop client while your customers and clients continue to use their familiar Skype app to work with you.

As for your customers, in addition to searching for friends and groups they want on Skype, they’ll be able to find businesses as well. That means they can now look for the kind of professional they want to work with.


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